Welcome to the Varangian Trading Company

For centuries the skills and training of the ancient warriors of the Varangian race have been lost to the ages. Once known as some of the most feared warriors in existence the Varangian have been reduced to not even a memory in modern times. A fact held true, until a fateful day that a young mirialan stumbled upon their teachings locked in ancient ruins behind a massive waterfall. The wonders of the ruin's unlocked a new world to the young mirialan of a people who shunned many modern technologies, for a simpler more enlightening existence. Military knowledge, cultural information, religious teachings all information found in the dozens of storage crates found in the ruins. The young mirialan spent his days pouring over the information found within learning and growing in the ways and teachings of the Varangian. In honor of the new people he discovered the young mirialan decided to take on the a name he found in the writings of the last great leader of the varangian people and Tyr Oddinsson was born.

Years later while finding ways to finance his dreams of bringing the ideas and teachings of the varangian race to the universe, Tyr started a trading business to help assist him by keeping a flow of funds for his endeavors. Partnering up with his long time friend Cal, they moved forward to spread the Vangarian teachings to the masses. Soon the company became known for their deadly slave warriors trained in the ancient varangian arts. Disciplined, emotionless, and most of all without fear, these slave warriors fulfill there job with effortless efficiency only seconded by the imperial stromtroopers themselves. For every planet visited by the roaming ships of Varangian fleet, a village disappears. Silently taken in the night, with no evidence of how the population vanished leaving nothing but empty buildings to be greeted by the dawn.