Financial Center

Ever want a ship that you could not quite afford? Are you an NFG and having to refuse jobs because you just dont have the ships to perform the tasks? We at Varangian Trading have come up with a solution to your problems. Let me present to you our ship financing program.

We will Finance any ship you want up to a 30 million credit Value. (more may be available with a larger downpayment and interest rate) You give us 25% down. We purchase and hold onto the ship making you commander so you can assign to any you like. We charge an interest rate of 20%. Take up to 6 months to pay off your ship. When the ship is payed off we will make it over to you.

Terms and conditions

**** We reserve the right to decline service for varius reasons such as unable to show proof of work, known scammer, ect
**** Payments will be paid every 30 days on the first of every month. We allow a 7 day grace period. Late payment are subject to a 500k fee. Missing more than two payments in a row with no communication voids the contract and ship will be sold to recoup losses.